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    Redefines Social
    Social Radar
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    Stop Searching...
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    Start Reaching...
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    EKGEO is a Radio...
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    EKGEO is a Broadcaster...
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    EKGEO is a Radar...
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    EKGEO is a Scanner...
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    EKGEO is a Manager...
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    EKGEO is a Connector...
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    EKGEO is a Saviour...
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    EKGEO is for Purpose...
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    EKGEO is JoyStick...
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    Crypto Challange


Stop Searching...Start Reaching....

EKGEO is "Real" Social where you post messages to reach everybody around you till around the world as per your selected "Range" {Local/City/State/Nation/World}. Posted Messages will be notified to all those in the "Range" and whose keywords are in the message. EKGEO Tracks your GEO location and lists messages in that vicinity. EKGEO liberates you from all constraints in communication.

Social Radio

Receive Messages those have your keywords from around the World. Browse messages posted by any body from your current or choice Geo Region.

Social Broadcaster

Broadcast messages to all around you in your "choice" range.

Social Connector

Reach "Unknown" with "Matching" of a keyword

Social Communicator

Message exchange with “unknown” but having matching "keywords".


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“I love EKGEO, I highly recommend it, Everyone Try It Now”

“EKGEO Is The Best Stable, Fast App I Have Ever Experienced”

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

“It helps me set meetings and track my friends locations on map”

“I can help the people who are in panic situations”


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Refer your friends to make them members of these platforms and receive a credit of Rs 50 each. t&c are applicable.

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Hyderabad - 500 062 TS India

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